Sunday, 4 May 2014

Road Traffic Accident Happy Meal (How To Prepare).

This Pheasant had a wee accident whilst crossing the road. This video illustrates the process of preparing the bird for roasting. Frankly the normal way of plucking seems to be just too time consuming...but in the light of recent dietary change I realise I am wasting a certain amount of nutrition by not eating the skin.

I also now save the organs, that is the liver, heart, kidneys and boil the head and feet along with the carcass.

Apologies for video quality etc..

Saturday, 3 May 2014

It's All About Bones Innit?

So I went into Lindsays..."Have you got any matrrow bones?"
Off goes the rosy cheeked butcher man into the huge fridge at back of the shop. (Have you noticed
how pale and ill customers in Holland  Barrett look)
"It must be a very big dog!"
" Yes I reply"
"I had a posh woman in here wanting a whole bag of bones and didnae offer ony money for them and she was standing there wi' a carrier bag from Simon Howie! juist put something in the charity box sir"

Then the bones simply go in the oven for about 20 mins to start with at 200 C,

At this stage the marrow, apparently the dog's bollox as far as nutrition is concerned, can be scraped out with a chopstick. I fried some onion in it added lemon juice and parsley and hey presto! a wee entree...

After another 15mins in the oven the now marrow-less bones go into the pressure cooker with a suitable amount of water and the usual carrots. celery. onion, and bay leaves. 40 mins later ...

There is a pan of gelatinous gloop. I mean why spend money on that Glucosamine shit when it's all there in the joints of a large cow?   All that's left to do is strain it and leave to cool..

Then for a breakfast that is pretty low G.I. Just spoon some of the jelly into a bowl, throw in some bits of meat, veg, and warm it up..This has some "Wild" mushrooms out of Tesco which looks curiously like something else tee hee

Actually we're not done yet...with the means of a hammer the now soften bones can be smashed a la paleolithic people..(apparently).

After another 1/2 hour in the Pressure Cooker the result is yet more stock. This kind of tastes more..well.. bony I guess...who knows what's actually in it but presumably whatever you need to make bones out of?

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Once, Twice, Three Times a Chick-en

As I understand it, we in the West eat far to much flesh relative to organ meat and bone marrow. The idea being that we evolved to eat the entire animal.

Tesco don't offer the entire chicken with head and feet, the closest would be a Road Traffic Accident Pheasant or similar. 

Here we have the chicken inserted into a pressure cooker with onion  peppers and tomato plus some water.

Errr...remove all packaging first...

Then after cooking under pressure for 35mins, although I forgot and it ended up a tad overdone at 40mins...

this is the result. (I've been under a lot of pressure lately).

But unlike the usually oven roast we also have this

Now Some of the meat, which was very tender went into this first dinner which is kind of a self evident made up thing of rocket, feta, olives, tomato and avocado with the obligatory drenching in olive oil and cider vinegar dressing

The next day in the morning when the layer of chicken fat has been scraped off the residue in the pressure cooker what is left is this jelly-like mix with the peppers in it. Admittedly a rather unappetizing looking  breakfast..

However once this has been whizzed, heated up and had some more bits of cooked chicken added and some salt and pepper the result tastes absolutely divine  and so creamy.........And I must say this fairly sticks to the ribs.

Now fast forward to dinner time...This evening the other half of the cooked chicken meat goes into what is a modification of what has proved to be a fantastic recipe!

Just substituting Chicken for Pilchard as it were.

I had some boiled Basmati (white of course)  which is strictly a grain but the least worst but to be honest didn't really need it.

The next day, still on the same chicken, but I was needing a change from poulet. Again using more of the divine residue with peppers etc  Beef Stew  was on the menu. Reduced stewing steak from Tesco, what used to be a Yellow Label.  I mean this looks watery as if it would be tasteless but it's far from that. A wee side serving of homemade sauerkraut.

The next day (still on the same chicken which is reduced to carcass status)  I had it in mind to give it another going over in the Pressure cooker.But this time to crunch up the bigger bones to bring out the marrow or whatever miracle food lies within. Water pump pliers did the trick, known colloquially in the trade as chicken legs, by some twist of irony.

Another bowl of chicken jelly stuff!  Unappetizing...

But with the addition of some sauteed mushrooms, spring onion ,fresh coriander and a squeeze of lime...It's another breakfast that tastes pretty good.

I did manage to squeeze out another entree from the remainder of the beef stew residue... That's actually six times a chicken not three.